Zhongchengyuan (Beijing) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

1、 Enterprise Positioning

Currently the only technology-based enterprise in China covering all professional categories in urban and rural construction, with the strongest overall strength.

2、Business Layout
Focuses on solid waste treatment in the "life + industry + agriculture" three major areas.

3、Personnel Structure

Currently has more than 500 employees, with over 80% of them being research and design personnel; there are more than 20 senior engineers, over 150 senior engineers, and over 200 engineers. There are more than 150 national registered practitioners.

4、Project Scale

Undertaking over 2000 projects in various solid waste treatment planning, consultation, and design.
Leading market share in the planning of venous park areas in China.

The daily processing capacity of Incineration power generation projects designed and consulted is approximately 190,000 tons/day.

The daily processing capacity of kitchen waste projects designed and consulted exceeds 20,000 tons/day.

Accumulated design achievements for hazardous waste disposal projects number over 100, with an annual processing capacity for hazardous waste nearing 3 million tons.

Overseas projects cover 67 countries and regions across six continents including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, with over 150 international projects completed, showcasing extensive international project cooperation experience.