Operation and Maintenance

Digital Factory
Incineration Basic Control System
The system includes:
Incineration furnace automatic control system; flue gas purification control system; leachate treatment control system; hazardous waste treatment control system.
Technical Advantages:
① Rich product range, strong adaptability. It can provide a full range of 300-1000T incineration and flue gas purification control systems.
② Integrated design using DCS. Achieves integrated control of the entire plant's DCS, reducing maintenance difficulties and costs.
③ Convenient maintenance and upgrades. The control system adopts modular development, making maintenance and upgrades convenient.
Digital Factory
ACC Intelligent Combustion Control System
Based on the combustion principle of waste and the process of incineration furnaces, advanced technologies such as bed layer detection, calorific value monitoring, image processing, model control, and fuzzy control are comprehensively utilized to monitor the combustion status inside the incineration furnace in real time. Combined with data such as bed layer, furnace temperature, load, and oxygen content, it automatically adjusts the boiler combustion parameters, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of incineration and reducing the labor intensity of operating personnel caused by manual operations.
 Carbon Emission and Carbon Asset Management System
Carbon Emission and Carbon Asset Management System
Using advanced technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data, the digitalization is systematically combined with the enterprise's carbon verification system. By constructing business capabilities such as carbon emission data monitoring, carbon emission accounting, tracking and management of emission reduction projects, and assistance in carbon trading, it comprehensively assists enterprises in the management of carbon emissions and carbon assets.