Engineering Design

Engineering Design
CETIA's professional R&D team and rich project experience can provide global customers with R&D, planning, design, general contracting, supervision, operation and maintenance, and other full-process services in waste disposal (classification/transfer/landfill/incineration), kitchen waste, clean energy, water treatment, hazardous waste, construction waste, and other projects.
Waste Disposal
Waste disposal encompasses the full process engineering design services including garbage classification, garbage collection and transportation, landfill and ecological restoration, incineration, and leachate treatment.
Organic Solid Waste
Organic solid waste disposal includes kitchen/canteen waste, sludge, livestock and poultry manure, dead livestock and poultry, etc., with full-process engineering design services.
Clean Energy
CETIA provides various purification methods including chemical desulfurization, physical desulfurization, biological desulfurization, membrane descaling, PSA, etc., to purify biogas into biomethane, reducing carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels.
Industrial and Hazardous Solid Waste Treatment
CETIAK provides customers with the classification and labeling of waste, storage and transportation of waste, selection of waste treatment technologies, and monitoring and management of waste based on their actual situation.