China Everbright Environment Group Limited

1、Industry Position

China's largest environmental enterprise and the world's largest garbage power generation investor and operator.

2、Business Areas

Focuses on three core areas: solid waste, pan-water, and Clean Energy, with main operations covering garbage power generation and collaborative treatment, comprehensive utilization of biomass, hazardous waste and solid waste disposal, new energy, environmental restoration, comprehensive water environment management, equipment manufacturing, garbage classification, integrated sanitation, resource recycling, waste-free city construction, energy-saving lighting, analysis and testing, green technology research and development, ecological environment planning and design, and environmental industry parks.

3、Project Scale
Design capacity for municipal solid waste treatment exceeds 150,000 tons/day, serving over 120 million residents.

564 total investment projects with a total investment of nearly 160 billion yuan.

In the energy sector: Design capacity for municipal solid waste treatment exceeds 50 million tons/year, with an annual electricity generation of about 18 billion kWh, treatment of kitchen waste and canteen waste of about 3 million tons/year, treatment of sludge of about 500,000 tons/year, and treatment of medical waste of about 12,000 tons/year.

In the water treatment sector: Design capacity for sewage treatment is about 2.2 billion cubic meters/year, recycled water supply is about 100 million cubic meters/year, water supply is about 300 million cubic meters/year, and sludge disposal is about 800,000 tons/year.

In the environmental protection sector: Design capacity for biomass raw materials is about 8 million tons/year, municipal solid waste treatment scale exceeds 40 million tons/year, annual electricity generation is about 7 billion kWh, hazardous and solid waste disposal is about 3 million tons/year, and steam supply exceeds 5 million tons/year.

Its international business has been established in Germany, Poland, Vietnam, and Mauritius.